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The Journey..

Our story begins with an admiration for the intricate artistry of Indian woolen craftsmanship and a dream to share it with the world. We continue to be enamoured by the hands of craftsmen and craftswomen weaving stories into threads, transforming simple wool into masterpieces of wear. Each pattern narrated a tale, each color echoed the vibrancy of India’s diverse landscapes, and each texture represented the dedication of hands that have been weaving for generations. We felt the world needed to experience this exquisite confluence of art, culture, and heritage.

We founded Wraps&Wool with a vision: to showcase this timeless Indian craftsmanship on a global stage and to rekindle the world's love for natural fibers. In a market flooded with synthetic, acrylic alternatives, we stand firm in our commitment to nature. Our wraps are not just accessories; they're a statement against fast fashion and unsustainable practices. Natural fibers like wool, silk, and modal are sustainable, biodegradable, and have a minimal impact on our environment compared to their synthetic counterparts. They represent a choice — a choice to be kinder to our planet, to prioritize quality over quantity, and to celebrate the hands that have skillfully crafted each piece.

Wraps&Wool stands as a testament to that dream as Shoppers relish these products across the world . We are more than just a brand; we are a movement. A movement that champions superior quality, timeless designs, and sustainability. As we meticulously curate every piece, we ensure that it carries with it the soul of its origin, delivering not just warmth but also a story worth cherishing.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where threads spun by generational artists find a cherished place in homes across the world.


Welcome to Wraps&Wool - where every thread tells a tale.