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Black and Silver Paisley Border Wool Wrap

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Step into a realm where traditional design encounters celestial beauty. Our Black and Silver Paisley Border Wool Wrap is a piece crafted for the discerning, for those who seek a touch of the timeless amidst contemporary elegance.

Exquisitely woven from the finest strands of wool, this wrap is a testimony to luxury that comforts. Soft to the touch and ever gentle against the skin, the fabric’s lightweight nature ensures that elegance is never a burden but always a breezy charm.

Set against the deep mystery of black, the silver jacquard print emerges like constellations in a night sky. The paisley border, a nod to age-old traditions, is intricately adorned in shimmering silver, adding layers of depth and allure to this magnificent wrap.

Perfectly balanced between tradition and modernity, this wrap is versatile enough for both festive occasions and intimate soirées. Its lightweight and soft texture makes it a go-to for those who wish to seamlessly transition from a day at work to a night of elegance.


1. Choice Wool Crafting: Indulge in the plushness and warmth of premium wool, ensuring an embrace that’s both luxurious and comforting.
2. Dazzling Jacquard Print:* The intricate silver jacquard print stands out, adding a touch of luminous elegance to the rich black backdrop.
3. Ethereal & Velvety: Light enough to flutter with a gentle breeze and soft enough to offer the caress of a cloud.
4. Traditional Paisley Border: A beautifully designed paisley border pays homage to heritage, adding character and grandeur.

Styling Tip: Pair with a silver brooch or earrings to accentuate the silver motifs, or drape it over a monochromatic ensemble, allowing the paisley border to be the focal point of your attire.

With our Black and Silver Paisley Border Wool Wrap with Jacquard Print, each drape is not just an expression of style but a narrative of rich heritage, cosmic allure, and unrivaled elegance.

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